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The Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal publishes original papers on public relations and related areas. Until 2017, there were two issues per year but from August 2017, the journal will move to a "rolling issue" model. 

It is clear that the nature of academic research has changed dramatically and increasingly journals are moving to online only. This journal, the Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal moved to online only some years back. Given how academics are finding and consuming academic literature, it is time to rethink the traditional print publishing practice of compiling articles into issues within volumes.

As stated recently  by Danielle Padula, the Community Development Manager for Scholastica publishing:

If scholars are searching for individual articles rather than journals, it begs the question: why not publish journal content on a rolling basis either instead of or in the interim of compiling articles into whole issues? Journals such as Sociological Science are adapting to meet the needs of the changing digital research landscape by publishing articles as they’re accepted, and they’re gaining many benefits as a result.

Drawing heavily on Padula’s work and basically only slightly adapting her original article please see the reasons that, as editor, I have decided to start publishing individual articles in place of journal issues:

Expanding our journal’s online presence

One of the main benefits the Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal can get from publishing articles on a rolling basis is improved visibility online via search results, website visits, and social media. The more often we publish new articles the more opportunities  are created for scholars to find your content. Generally, search engines will favour websites with new content and show newer quality articles at the top of search results. Additionally, by publishing new content throughout the year, rather than waiting to publish a journal issue once every 6-months or so, we will create more opportunities for scholars to come across and reference timely articles as they are published.

This does not mean we can’t have “special issues” but we will have “thematic groupings” on request with guest editors.

As scholars become aware that we regularly publish new content, we may find that those in the field are also more likely to frequent our website and follow your social media channels, in order to find and share new content related to their work.

Publishing fresh content can also help our journal build an email subscriber list, as scholars will have incentive to opt into your journal communication if they know they’ll be alerted to new articles often.

 More about the journal:

The Journal is has an editorial board and all research papers are subject to double blind peer review. The editor welcomes papers from established and emerging scholars. 

The journal has several areas of specific focus and these are:

- Issues, research and cases related to the Asia Pacific region

- Public relations pedagogy: research, cases, commentary

- Original scholarship and commentary on general and areas of public relations research and practice - global focus wider than Asia Pacific is welcome.

Special special sections of issues will be considered on application to the Editor. 

The journal also would like to see submissions that examine ways to more effectively present public relations research and assess its impact.  Research that examines these issues in our field and suggests mechanisms for increased engagement with the work published in this and other journals in our field would be very welcome.

The editor invites guest commentary by leading scholar/practitioners in our field and welcomes suggestions from readers as to people they would like to hear from.

Dr Melanie James - Editor


The Editorial Board:

Dr Melanie James University of Newcastle (Editor)

Dr Marianne Sison RMIT University (Deputy Editor)

Mr Kurt Sengul University of Newcastle (Volunteer editorial assistant)

Dr Jamilah Ahmad University Sains Malaysia

Prof Mark Balnaves 

Dr Leanne Glenny University of South Australia

Prof Anne Gregory University of Huddersfield, UK

Ass Prof Angela Mak Hong Kong Baptist University

Ass Prof Karen Miller Russell University of Georgia, USA

Ass Prof Augustine Pang Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Dr Kamala Vainy Pillai Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia

Dr Mark Sheehan, Deakin University, Australia.

Ass Prof Pavel Slutskiy Chulalongkorn University

Dr Natalie Tindall Georgia State University, USA

Prof C Kay Weaver University of Waikato, New Zealand

Dr Paul Willis University of Huddersfield, UK

Dr Katharina Wolf Curtin University, Australia

Dr Pia Wulundari University of Brawijaya, Indonesia



Published in print and online until 2011, then online only from 2012. All back issues will gradually be added to this site.

From volume 8 ( 2007) issues are also available at the Public Relations Institute of Australia



New Volume: Vol 18 (2017) has been published

Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal has begun publishing Volume 18 (2017). The journal has moved to a continuous model of publication from 2017, and we will be publishing new content throughout the year as it becomes available.  
Posted: 2017-08-30

Changes to the way Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal is published

The journal is moving away from two issues per year to a "rolling issue" model where individual article will be published as they are accepted for publication.  
Posted: 2017-08-27 More...
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Vol 18 (2017)

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Robert Gill
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