Vol 9, No 1 (2021)

Writing the field of equity

Titled ‘Writing the field of equity’, this Special Issue will explore the politics of academic writing and language with pieces from the executive editorial team: Penny Jane Burke, Marie-Pierre Moreau (with Sally Campbell Galman), Samson Maekele Tsegay, Matthew Bunn and Matt Lumb (with Louis Ndagijimana).

The Special Issue marks a change in the focus of the Journal under a new title ‘Access: Critical explorations of equity in higher education’. This Issue establishes the editorial approach for Access and serves as an extended call for future contributions.

Table of Contents

Full issue

Writing the field of equity - Special Issue - Complete PDF PDF
Matthew Bunn, Penny Jane Burke, Sally C Galman, Matt Lumb, Marie-Pierre Moreau, Louis Ndagijimana, Julia Shaw, Samson Maekele Tsegay 1-77


Writing the field of equity PDF
Matthew Bunn, Penny Jane Burke, Matt Lumb, Marie-Pierre Moreau, Julia Shaw, Samson Maekele Tsegay 1-9


Writing representations to life: higher education and the production of equity realities PDF
Matthew Bunn 10-21
Writing ourselves differently through feminist praxis PDF
Penny Jane Burke 10-21
Writing/drawing care-based equity into practice: A research- and art-based collaboration about caring responsibilities in academia PDF
Marie-Pierre Moreau, Sally C Galman 40-52
Writing the value(s) of colonised equity practices in higher education PDF
Matt Lumb, Louis Ndagijimana 53-68


A reflection on my academic journey: The struggle to shape my destiny PDF
Samson Maekele Tsegay 69-77

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