Vol 10, No 1-2 (2019)

Our thanks to Dr Jonathan Bollen, Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of New South Wales for co-editing this issue of Popular Entertainment Studies.

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Gillian Arrighi, Jonathan Bollen 1-5


Idolized Popular Performance: Musical The Prince of Tennis and Japanese 2.5-Dimensional Theatre PDF
Zihui Lu 6-18
Premediating a Narrative of Growth: BTS, Digital Media, and Fan Culture PDF
Hyunshik Ju 19-33
Virtual Experience in the Performing Arts: K-Live Hologram Music Concerts PDF
WoongJo Chang, Hyung-Deok Shin 34-50
Laughter from Hades: Aristophanic Voice Today PDF
Ifigenija Radulović, Ismene Helen Rantoulovits Petkovits 51-71
Performing Shakespeare in Colonial Taiwan: Early Japanese Settlers and the Bounds of Theatrical Imperialism, 1895-1916 PDF
Yi-Hsin Hsu 72-92

Popular Entertainment Studies ISSN 1837-9303