The Bible and Critical Theory

The Bible and Critical Theory is an exploratory and innovative online scholarly journal. The journal explores the intersections between critical theory, understood in the broad sense, and biblical studies. It publishes peer-reviewed articles that investigate the contributions from critical theory to biblical studies, and contributions from biblical studies to critical theory. The journal has an active series of book reviews, which are published with each issue.

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Vol 14, No 1 (2018): Bible and Critical Theory

Table of Contents


Danna Nolan Fewell
Davis Hankins
Helen Paynter
R. B. Hamon

Books & Culture

The Bible as a Graphic Novel: When the Word Becomes (Affecting) Image
Robert Paul Seesengood

Book Reviews

Review of Danna Nolan Fewell, The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Narrative, New York, Oxford University Press, 2016
Sarah Emanuel
Review of Dierda Reber, Coming to Our Senses: Affect and An Order of Things for Global Culture, New York, Columbia University Press, 2016
Maia Kotrosits
Review of Susan E. Hylen, A Modest Apostle: Thecla and the History of Women in the Early Church, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2015
Peter Anthony Mena
Review of Caroline Vander Stichele and Susanne Scholz, Hidden Truths from Eden: Esoteric Readings of Genesis 1-3, Atlanta, SBL, 2014
Jione Havea
Review of S. Brent Plate, Religion and Film: Cinema and the Re-Creation of the World, 2nd ed, New York, Columbia University Press, 2017
Robert Paul Seesengood
Review of Jione Havea and Peter H.W. Lau, Reading Ruth in Asia, Atlanta, SBL, 2015
Elaine Wainwright