Revelations of the Dream

George Aichele, Tina Pippin, Richard Walsh


In the following, we explore the interplay between the movies Inception (Nolan 2010) and eXistenZ (Cronenberg 1999) and the biblical Apocalypse of John (Book of Revelation). In each of these, inescapable, labyrinthine, and finally unmanageable dreams or virtual realities both undercut the reader's sense of reality and challenge the dominant modernist epistemology, for which the fantastic must always be secondary to waking reality. This intertextuality – a widely noted characteristic of much postmodern art and narrative, but also an important feature in John’s Apocalypse – profoundly unsettles ideology’s certainties.


Apocalypse of John; Inception; eXistenZ

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Bible and Critical Theory: ISSN 1832-3391