The Spirits of Greenland and the Friend of the Emperor

Christina Petterson


This article is a critical reworking of a previous reading of the religious situation in Greenland through the Gospel of John and may at ground level be seen as an exercise in comparisons. The article focuses on two postcolonial identities: biblical scholar Musa W. Dube from Botswana and Manguaq Berthelsen, a New Age shamanic individual in Greenland. Through a close reading of Musa W. Dube’s article on Johannine Christology I will point to difficulties in this reading which relate to problematic identity issues within a postcolonial context. Likewise Manguaq Berthelsen’s efforts to deal with the Greenlandic church seem to highlight some of the same problems, namely whose authority to draw on when beginning to speak in your own voice.


John; Greenland; Manguaq Berthelsen

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Bible and Critical Theory: ISSN 1832-3391