Radical disruptions: Regenerating care-full academic norms

Editors: Marie-Pierre Moreau, Anglia Ruskin University and Genine Hook, Southern Cross University

Abstracts due 1 February 2024

For this Special Issue, we invite papers exploring questions of ‘care’, ‘caring’ and ‘care work’ in the context of higher education. Some of the questions the Special Issue’s editorial team seeks to engage with include:

  • How are carers and care work rendered in/visible in academic settings and what does in/visibility do to care/rs?
  • How are various forms of care work and various types of carers mis/recognised and how do such mis/recognition intersect with other identities?
  • How can care work be generative on an individual, institutional or societal level? What are the affordances of care work and how does care work enable academia to operate?
  • How do new and old ideologies construe carers and care work, e.g. the leaderist turn, the rise in far-right politics and xenophobia, the neoliberal appropriation of equity issues, etc.?
  • Which new norms have emerged from the disruption caused by the pandemic and related policy intervention and how are these displacing the hierarchies of care work?

For more information read the full call for papers here.


Published: 12.12.2023