Patient praxis: A dialogue between equity practice and research

Matthew Bunn, Matt Lumb


This Special Issue of International Studies in Widening Participation (ISWP) features papers authored by participants from the 2018 national Writing Program for Equity and Widening Participation Practitioners convened by the Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education (CEEHE) at the University of Newcastle. In taking up the guest editorship of this Issue, we have thoroughly appreciated engaging with passionate higher education practitioners from across Australia who have worked with significant effort and focus to publish from their unique perspectives. The authors of these papers carefully unpack and interrogate equity and widening participation policies, practices and personal experiences, to make situated and contextualised contributions to the field. It is a credit to both the participants and the programmers that this Special Issue is possible, given the intentionally challenging character of a project that productively unsettles the conventions of processes of knowledge creation in Australian higher education (HE).

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